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Ethnic issues have not just affected America but also most nations all over the world. In the majority of these countries, there is a division of groups based on economic levels with some being in the rich, middle class and the poor. Individuals in these groups have diverse views that provide each group with a different feeling of identity. In addition, these groups always view the economic fate or the economic future of the group members as a common identity and can be shared amongst each individual in the group. In most cases, it is stipulated that an individual taking any action to personality gain and improve their economic status without involving the other members of the group would not be successful. Mostly, the poor with some of the rich adapting it apply this phenomenon.

However, it is essential to note that not all the rich follow this idea. some choose to rise on their own. The current society has divided itself amongst three economic groups that have resulted to further divisions of different classes. The rich tend to work together to ensure similar response to social issues that boost their acceptance in the community. Their influence in the society and working together cause various people to classify them as high class. This identification creates the emergence of other classes describes as the middle class and the low class: with wealth and money being the criteria for classification. Interaction between people has been criticized from different angles with diverse people having different conclusions.

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