Medicinal Role of Different Foods

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Create a thesis and an outline on The Medicinal Role of Different Foods as Held by Different Communities from Different Regions in the World.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Food plays an integral role in the part of any human being in the sense that people cannot live without food. However, the choice of food matters for every individual because it determines whether a person is healthy or killing themselves with foods that are toxic to their bodies. Therefore, the food that people eat gives them information and materials to help the body in functioning appropriately. The amount of food that a person consumes also matter because when the body gets too much food it becomes undernourished, overweight and develops the risk of conditions and diseases that are a risk to the body such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. &nbsp.

Therefore, what people eat is central to their health. food, on the other hand, can play a medicinal role where it maintains the health of the body by alleviating or curing diseases. However, there are other underlying benefits of foods, especially medicinal benefits, which most people do not forget to explore. Therefore, it is vital for readers to understand how different foods they consume or ignore play an important role in their bodies. The research question in the essay is what are the medicinal role of various foods that are consumed by citizens every day? Many people have a clear understanding of the importance of eating healthy, in the United States cases of obesity and chronic diseases have been on the rise due to foods that are served in restaurants and in school where most school going children are obese.

The five sources in the essay were selected after intensive research where I concluded on them because they have the content of information that is needed to explain the literature review in the essay. The sources have the basis of my discussion hence appropriate for the essay.Ensiyeh Seyedrezazadeh, Masoud Pour Moghaddam & Fariba Kolahdooz et al (2011) “Fruit and vegetable intake and risk of wheezing and asthma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” In this article, the author discusses the relationship between asthma and wheezing and the intake of fruits and vegetables.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.

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