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Also, the operator or the clinician is in a position to choose which sections to operate like the brain or even any other part of the body (Seeram 4).This type of scanner has various impacts on both the clinicians and the hospitals. To start with, the clinician can get better and accurate details. Secondly, it is quick as compared to magnetic resonance imaging as it takes less time. hence saving on time. Further, it exposes clinicians to the risk of high dosages of radiation when treating the patients. Additionally, the hospitals have to invest heavily in human capital development due to the changing trends in technology to ensure that their staff operates these machines in the right way. This is a scanning procedure that uses strong magnets and radio-frequency pulses to generate signals from the body (Partain 2).

The greatest advantage of using this method is that it does not use radiation, hence, favoring both the clinician and the patients. The method also has a long term effect provided all the safety precautions are followed in the right way. All clinicians are supposed to follow the required instructions when operating this machine. Additionally, it makes the works of the clinicians easier as the machine provides a wide range of details concerning the body even for information about particular illnesses. Also, the machine can make the image on most body parts clearly provide the information that is required. This is because it gives accurate details about various processes and structures in the body even in the forms of data and graphs. These are machines that are used to conduct the dialysis in patients with kidney illnesses. Although the patient can live longer when he or she follows the dialysis procedures, there are various impacts associated with the machines.

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