Media and conflict resolution

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Compose a 5250 words assignment on media and conflict resolution. Needs to be plagiarism free! Various networks of global news (print media, TV, and Internet) that give live coverage from all parts of the world, provide the modern age viewers/readers with constant and instantaneous access to any developing event while to a certain extent also having the power to affect the manner in which these events unfold and resolve (Van, 1998). Advancement in communication technologies has worked towards changing the very connotation of power play in global politics, the strategies used in global politics for achieving objectives, and the type and number of players in the global political processes. Owing to the transformations brought in by the new age media, governments worldwide have been deprived of their monopolist control on the dissemination of information, while individuals, activists, and various other non-state actors have sprung into prominence within international relations, as regards conflict or warfare resolution. At present both state and non-state actor is looking towards using soft power that amalgamates diplomacy with soft power and works towards changing the advantages of soft power into tangible activities (Nye, 2004, 4-5).In the contemporary form of media communication, the critical theory plays an important role in criticizing the applied principles in any unfolding event (like the role played by the national government during a civil war), in order to judge the situation and bring about a positive change. Despite, the importance of critical media during the time of conflict/warfare and peace resolution, the area remains neglected by modern researchers, with the major focus being given to the adverse effects of media in starting a conflict (Hume, 2000). This is owing to the fact that mass media, like television, the radio played a major role in fomenting violent conflicts in various parts of the world like Bosnia and Rwanda (Malley, 2009). The negative effects were also observed in the Danish cartoon controversy where media gave rise to a violent conflict within the Islamic world. A majority of the researchers have observed that the media tends to aggravate conflict situations with recommendations that media must reverse its role and contribute positively towards conflict resolution and transitional justice phase (Gilboa, 2009).

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