Mean and variance

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Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Attachment 5Attachment 6Attachment 7Attachment 8Attachment 9Attachment 10Attachment 11Find the mean and variance of a deck of 52 cards, where an ace is counted as 11, a picture card as 10, and all other cards have the value shown on the card.Construct a frequency distribution and histogram of the card values. The accompanying samples are samples of 20 cards from a shuffled deck (starting with a fulleach time). Compute the mean and variance and construct a histogram for each sample. How does the sample data differ from the population data? Repeat thisexperiment for two samples of 5 cards and summarize your conclusions.Click the icon to view the samples of cards from the deck.The mean card value for the entire deck is(Round to two decimal places as needed.)The variance of the card values for the entire deck is(Round to two decimal places as needed.)Construct a frequency distribution of the card values.Card Value FrequencySSOONO0AON(Type whole numbers.)

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