Materialism and dualist

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Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Immanuel Kant’s attempt to reconcile materialism and dualist ideas. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Kant was in agreement with most of his predecessors who claimed that through analyzing practical reason, one would only deduce the need for any rational agents to adhere to instrumental principles. On the other hand, he also maintained that adherence to the Categorical Imperative, which is a non-instrumental principle, together with the moral requirements, is vital to rational agents. It is for his view that there has to be autonomy in rational will, or freedom in terms of writing its binding law. As such, morality’s basic principle is mainly the freedom that comes with it in terms of autonomous will. According to Kant’s thoughts, the occurrence of self-governing reason among individuals provided effective grounds for holding each one as of equal respect and equal worth. The autonomy of will as expressed by Kant in his description of the groundwork of morality thus questions the impact of materialism in terms of the mechanistic laws that have been developed to govern society, forcing individuals to conform to the already predetermined thought and consequences. As such, Kant believes that such laws inhibit freedom. hence, morality since individuals need to be free to choose to assume accountability.To have a clear understanding of Kant’s view concerning materialism and dualism, it is important to review his thought on moral law and duty. Kant observed that duty respects lawfulness, an aspect that formed its singular motivation. It is important to note that laws or rules establish duties. For instance, the bylaws established by a certain club would spell out the duties that are to be carried out by each of its officers. On the other hand, the state or city laws define the duties that are to be carried out by its citizens.

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