Marketing Products and Services

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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Marketing Products and Services in a Dynamic Environment.The author makes special references to the claims advanced by Adam Smith and other prominent economic thinkers as understood within the domain of goods-dominant logic with the intention of exposing its fundamental strengths and weaknesses as compared with the service-dominant logic.The theoretical foundation of the article marks a determined departure from the conventional systems of through that privilege the goods-dominant logic as a key determinant of economic exchange. The author affirms that all kinds of exchange are based on service (Vargo, Maglio, & Akaka, 2008, p. 145). This marked departure from the conventions of goods-based logic promotes a sense of disharmony between traditional accounting practices and the modern economic assumptions that emphasize more on the need to develop value-based systems. In essence, the author makes the claim that all forms of transactions are ultimately reducible to service for the benefit of the end users.The author explores the dimensions of service science from the multiple dimensions that include the relationship between production and utilization of the value. Other relationships explored include the product and process in light of their relationship with the generation of value. The study trains some significant focus on the connection between transaction and relationship between the transacting parties. The difference between the goods-dominant logic and the service-dominant logic as understood within the framework of this study involves a range of options that significantly connect within the element of productivity (Vargo, Maglio, & Akaka, 2008, p. 147). The goods-dominant logic operates under a system that offers unique advantages to the end user. Theoretically, this concept is built on the assumption that the roles of the producer and that of the end user are clearly distinct. In line with this ideal, the consumer primarily plays the role of utilizing the value. The value of a good

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