Marketing on micro beer

Write a research paper on marketing on micro beer inc.

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A research problem is frequently regarded as the nucleus of any study report. A research process is practically impossible to carry out without any proper definition about the problem of the research. The process of identifying a research problem starts with the proper recognition of the objective of the study. After the research problem has been identified, the next step is to translate it into a research hypothesis. Thus a research hypothesis is defined as the logical guess that provides a possible outcome of the study.

A research problem is also considered as the most important as well as the foundation stage for any research study. In other words it acts as the basis of the study i.e. based on which the study is conducted. Now in the context of the project the problem which has been highlighted in the case is to determine whether the company Micro Beer can actually capitalize on the opportunity of importing and distributing the fine Belgian beer in the market of Naples, where the product is not sold. Hence the primary requirement which has been assessed according to the project is to portray the demand of Belgian beers in the adjacent areas of Naples.

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