Managing in a Mixed Economy

Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Managing in a Mixed Economy.Washington square which is a Royal institution of the Chattered Surveyors was also established in 2007 and is regarded as the best commercial project in the England region (Byers, 1998).The high quality iron ore that is phosphorus free in Cumbria south of Workington is the main source of income in the region. It is the largest steel production area and therefore attracts a lot construction companies, car assembly and many types of firms engaging in steel works. Examples of these firms are the Disington Engineering company (DEC) and the British Steel Corporation (BSC).Due to the heavy investment in the region, the government must put in some resources to create a peaceful investment field. The government investment is in line with the nature of mixed economy. Mixed economy refers to an economic system whereby the state engages itself to the economic activities in collaboration with the private sector. State functions are always reflected by planning of the economy while the private sector is characterized by market economies. This arises because the private sector works for the sole purpose of accruing profit. On the other hand, the state or public sector is not necessarily concerned by profit but by protecting her citizens by providing a platform for the operation such as infrastructure, security and other unprofitable services. The English government has hugely invested her resources to the town in order to give the investors some specific benefits so that they can continue to invest in the highly resourceful town.One major form of public investment is the establishment of a good security system popularly referred to as the Workington police station. The police station offers security not only to the iron and steel manufacturing companies but also the other subsidiary companies like banks, hotels and even the families and workers.For the police to offer efficient

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