Management Team and Coaching Staffs

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Prepare and submit a term paper on Diversity in Management Team and Coaching Staffs. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Colleges hire field Trainers in the form of coaches who guide teams in major events to achieve college objectives. Nevertheless, the coaching staff should be persons who understand the sector very well, must have performed, and have enough experience to help the team to succeed. In addition, they should be people who are not bothered by issues of race or tribe in team selection but ensure only talented individuals and hardworking folks are made to participate in the events. The process, however, should not discriminate in staff selections but ensure only qualified and approved coaches have given the jobs no matter the race, gender, or any other cultural vice. This ensures that only committed persons are made to work thus enables colleges to benefit from their investments in athletics.Athletics is quite an important sporting event in the college and to the students. The department will be unique since our policies will be to employ only committed persons in management. This will make the unit to be stronger and eliminate any underperforming members (Lapchick, Costa, Sherrod, & Anjorin, 2012). In addition, athletes or management who support negative behaviors such as doping in the sect will be discontinued from the system. This will make us set standard culture to the department that is beneficial to the college.As a means of committing ourselves to the above rules, the university stands a better chance to reduce mismanagement and improper spending and is only concerned with their target. Recruitment of more qualified staff and talented athletes ensures that we produce the best in major inter-college competitions thus putting us in an excellent position to win titles. These honors are extra sources of income to college hence ensuring that we have more resources at our disposal. (Cruickshank & Collins, 2012). This is the key to financial stability in our institution hence we can diversify on other co-curriculum activities. Conclusion Hiring and placement of more objective team management and coaches will help the college to achieve a lot in the athletes both at intercollegiate levels and internationally. Thus as long as the team avoids such virtues as gender and race, the college is in a better position to do great at present and into the future athletics.

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