Management of Risk and Protection

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Write 8 page essay on the topic Management of Risk and Protection of Vulnerable Individuals in Health and Social Care.The goal has shifted to creating frameworks for action upon which the responsible agencies are called to work in consultations to assure coherent policies in protecting vulnerable persons from risks of abuse as well as effective and consistent responses from circumstances ascertained from concerns of formal complaints and anxiety expressions (Heaslip and Ryden 65). The primary aim of agencies includes preventing abuse in areas possible and establishing preventive strategy progression. Agencies require an assurance that there are robust procedures in place to deal with any incident of abuse. Circumstances for which exploitation and harm occurs is popular for the extreme diversity and membership of at-risk groups. The problematic issue is the identification of subsequent steps in making responses to such diversity (Young 121). The healthcare policies ascertain that service availability and existence of illness symptoms is substantiated in explaining the application of services. Services can be availed even without the use and may be utilized in a manner that is not established in the performance (Larkin 87). People can seek the help of various problems above others without seeking help from the reflection of intended services provision. Scoping reports identify mismatches between patientsÂ’ needs and professional expectations to the service uptake patterns. The description of problems for the delay, as well as non-uptake for health services, appears to have a link to the underlying social deprivation structures and specific membership for cultural groups (Leathard, Goodinson-McLaren and McLaren 87).

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