Macro Environment

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Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Macro Environment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. o detect impact it will basically involve the use of transistors or other semiconductor components that involves the use of Silicon as the basic material for building the device. The technology also involves the use of mobile and other communication technology such as GPS. The mobile technology will be used to automatically dial 911 in case of accidents and GPS would be used to give the location of the accident site to the 911 operator so that help can arrive swiftly. The GPS technology is very much an essential component in this case as no human being might be present or the driver himself might not be in a position to physically communicate the occurrence of the accident or the place to the operator. All of the required resources are easily available in the US and non availability of resources wonÂ’t be a problem with regards to the manufacture of the device.The US is a country which has been a mixed breed of different cultures races and ethnicity. The country is a hot bed for migration and most of its population is made up of migratory people from different countries across the globe. This has led to a diverse and multifaceted cultural diversity in the country. The country has a population that is comprised of people of different age group but most of its population is of the older generation. The buyer for the new technology has been identified as Ford motor company. However the ultimate buyer of the new technology is likely to belong from every culture or races that are present in the country. Since safety is an issue that is seen as a major area of concern irrespective of the culture or religion or race or creed or sex to which one belongs. However, with aging population the concern for road safety and the likely adoption of this potential life saving technology is likely to increase.The America represents a country which is led by innovations. The American economy has been fuelled by innovations.

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