Macbook Pro

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Macbook Pro.Flash is the most fastest and reliable storage technology and it provides the capability and the much needed power to the different models, particularly the compact 13-inch and the super slim 15-inch models. Users can rely on the flash architecture since it is reliable, durable and battery efficient. Those who love games, Mac book pro has the latest Intel processors and next generation graphics which are built for speed and clear vision. With the Mac book pro, individuals can be able to easily find, share and organize their own personal information (Miser, 2012).Regulations and policies for the Mac book pro range can be categorized into legislation, company and government. The company that manufactures the Mac book pro computers, Apple (Linzmayer, 2004), has its own rules and regulation are to be agreed on by those in need of using the product. Personal information of any person purchasing the Mac book pro is collected as it helps identify the buyer, or contact the owner in case of an issue. Personal information collected includes. ‘name’, ‘mailing addresses, ‘phone number’, ‘email addresses, and ‘credit card information’ (Miser, 2012). In America, the social security number may be collected, but this can be in the case where one is setting up a wireless account (Miser, 2012). Government policies and legislations have standards that are set and they regulate the manufacturing of the Mac book pros’, distribution, marketing and the use of the Mac book pro. Different countries have different regulations for the use and distribution of the Mac book pro. Importation and exportation is regulated and there is certain authority that the government is granted in order to regulate such. There is no specific age group who are allowed to use the Mac book pro, though there are specific acts and rules to regulate and monitor its use (Miser, 2012).The Mac book pro consists of various models, with some having a tapered design which has a

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