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You are provided with two texts. The first text contains general theories of the city; Text 2 contains discussions of particular practices and experiences of the city. Question covertly by introducing the different aforementioned perspectives, so that he seems to intimate that London is what it is to the commercial sex worker, the patriot, the immigrant, the laborer and the poor, among others. This is the case since the author captures what living in London entails through the words spoken by these characters. To also answer this question, Taylor took five years to collect materials for Londoners. While at it, he collected narratives from all the 32 boroughs, conducted formal interviews, and took comprehensive notes on the materials gathered. The interviews were run on over 200 people.

An example of an attempt at the question on the nature of London is the interaction between Taylor and the hyperactive trader, at the New Spitalfields Market. Not only is this exchange important since it is one of the few instances in the story where the author is overtly felt, but also because it answers the question by painting London as a busy city that runs on a 24 hour economy. Particularly, this exchange takes place nocturnally, meaning that even at night, businesses in London operate as usual. This is so much so that the author falls into van to take a 10 minutes nap because of fatigue, as the city buzzes on with life. In another wavelength, even in the wake of the variegated nature of London, the author acknowledges in a clandestine manner, the metropolitan nature of the city.

The subway, the busy entrepreneurship and the extent of cooperation that he receives from interviewees are matters that underscore this reality. As a matter of fact, Taylor’s dexterity at conducting interviews exposes regular people (the interviewees) as orators, philosophers and poets. To the city planner, Mr. Peter Rees, London is a partner, while an urban angler John Andrews and street photographer Davy Jones see the city as beautiful and deteriorating, respectively. To a pilot and an Iranian refugee, London is a beautiful place (Taylor, 2012, 7). A

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