Literacy practices

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PLEASE CHECK THE ATTACHEMENT FOR THE SOURCE.Make a summary reflectionQuestions:Space: What is (are) the location(s) in which this analysis took place?Actors: Who are the members of this group/subgroup as represented in this article? Describe them.Texts/Objects: What texts are involved in this study? As you consider this question, remember your own working definition of literacy and the ways in which Pleasant defines literacy in his article. What are some of the objects of literacy used as a regular part of the activities in which the members of this group engage?Literacy Events: In what literacy events do the members of this group or subgroup engage? How do we know? What does this mean?Literacy Practices: Describe one or more of the literacy practices within a selected literacy event (as described in response to the previous question).Goals: What do the members of this group or the group as a whole want to achieve and/or accomplish? What role(s) does literacy play in this?Feelings: How do members of the group feel about the literacy events, practices, or related activities (as described in response to some of the previous questions)?

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