Linguistics and second language acquisition

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic applied linguistics and second language acquisition.

Language pedagogy has always been my unflinching passion. and my experiences of teaching English as a foreign language primary school pupils (voluntary work in high school), helped me conclusively determine my goals. Observing the process of SLA, I was able to better comprehend the impact of socio-cultural impacts on learning and receptivity. Various elements such as critical age influence, personal motivations, and the overall environment –including social and domestic settings – in which these pupils were learning, combined to create their own dynamic reception framework. I realized that the role of a teacher is not only challenging but also essential in facilitating the development of linguistic skills and effective communication. Indeed, as Sir Christopher Ball put it “successful teaching is about winning the attention of the learner.” After completing socially-tailored A-levels, I jointly took up English Language and Linguistics and International Relations at Oxford Brookes University.

I liked the Linguistics course’s focus on the relationship between language and meaning just as much as I enjoyed perceiving the interrelation between language and communication. the course also dealt with human development, the interplay between language and literature and the ideational concepts of descriptive linguistics. The “Psychology of Language”(B+) module, where I developed my interests in SLA, helped me appreciate the social implications of language acquisition, and “Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching”(A) helped develop a keen awareness of a range of teaching techniques (especially, microteaching). My enthusiasm for this program arises from my conviction that it shall allow me to explore each of the above facets more substantively.

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