Legalization Of Marijuana In America

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Lately, discussion and push for legalization of the drug by pro-marijuana activists have intensified to an extent of triggering serious political interests. This has manifested through the recent comment by President Barrack Obama that marijuana is just like cigarette and alcohol with a promise that Federal government will not interfere with marijuana laws established by individual states. Moreover, governors and state legislatures have publicly commented alongside declaring their positions as far the discussion about the legalization of the drug is concerned.

Apart from the initial introduction of marijuana in America in 1545 by Spanish, marijuana laws began to exist as early as the 1920s. Michael and Renee (2003) attribute the widespread popularity of marijuana in the 1920s to the prohibitive laws established during the Prohibition Era. The era saw the outlaw of alcoholic drinks and people had to resort to marijuana that came from the widespread hemp plant. The laws restricted the use of recreational marijuana to the jazz musicians who only took the drug when in dance clubs entertaining people.

According to Pfeifer (2011), between 1850 and 1942, the government of USA listed marijuana in Pharmacopeia and prescribed for conditions like nausea, labor pains and rheumatism. During the 1850s through to 1930s, marijuana gained popular use as an intoxicant. Another marijuana law called Marijuana Tax Act came into force in 1937. The purpose of the law was to levy the tax of one dollar on all growers, importers, buyers, sellers, veterans, physicians and any person prescribing it, using commercially or possess it. Failure to adhere to the Act and handling o marijuana without tax stamp of the Treasury Department would attract a fine of up to $2000, five-year imprisonment or both (Michael & Renee, 2003).

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