Legal, ethical, or bioethical issue

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A physician was recently convicted of using his own sperm for artificially inseminatinghis patients. He told the court that he didn’t see anything wrong with this practicebecause these women came to him wanting to have a child. However, his patientswere unaware that he was using his own sperm for the procedure. Some of his officestaff became suspicious of the physician’s methods, but failed to report their suspicionsimmediately. Many children were conceived as a result of this physician’s spermhaving been implanted into the mothers.Questions1. Is this a legal, ethical, or bioethical issue? Explain your answer.It is a legal, ethical, and bioethical issue. 2. Was the office staff at fault?3. What is the potential long-term effect for this physician’s patients and membersof the surrounding community?4. What should happen to this physician?

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