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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Learning Journal: focusing on the various issues in exploring Urban Native Communities.eighborhoods which are normally inhabited by those in society that are better off economically and the poorer sections of the city inhabited by the less affluent. The Aborigines living in these urban centers are mostly in the less affluent category and as such are faced with problems like poor housing, unsafe neighborhoods and different forms of racism (Silver, 2008).There is a significant relationship that appears within the urban living aboriginals and societal cohesion with their neighbors who have different and varied cultures and the ability for the aborigines to adapt to urban life. This can be inferred from looking at the inequality between the other members of society and the Aborigines who are still trying to fit their day to day realities into the urban settings. Their realities consist of getting gainfully employed in the urban centers while also creating ties with different societies amid their many challenges. They are still struggling with issues of land compensation and other similar historical issues. It is however important to note that despite the hard economic realities that face the day to day lives of the aborigines, an enterprising and hard working culture is helping them to define a good life for themselves in the urban centers (Silver, 2008).The complex nature through which systemic management of the urban native societies issues is established in social variances across the urban centers expresses the cohesiveness that appears to be controlling the nature of urban integration for the Aborigines which ensures that both positives from the process are preserved while the negatives are identified and dealt with in a systematic way to ensure problems do not crop up min future due to the solutions applied to today’s problems. The impacts are naturally established and a linear factor is established in between the relevant components. (Putnam, 2000). Studies conducted in Winnipeg Canada show the vibrant community organizations run by, started

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