Lawsuits in the USA

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Write a research paper on lawsuits in the usa. Needs to be 6 pages. The most recent high-profile example is the dry cleaners being sued for millions of dollars for damaging a pair of pants. The owners of the cleaners were put through two years of stress and expense than had to sell one of their three businesses to pay attorney fees. The disturbing upward trend of frivolous lawsuits is making a travesty of the U.S. justice system, damaging the economy, driving up health care costs and causing financial ruin for individuals and businesses. The current system of justice in the U.S. allows for practically anyone to file a frivolous lawsuit anytime against anyone because there are no legal consequences for this irresponsible, costly action. ‘Rule 11’ of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which directed that those who filed frivolous lawsuits in a federal court faced mandatory penalties, was diluted in 1993. Despite strong, widespread judicial support for keeping Rule 11 intact, following the change, judges were allowed great discretion to decide whether or not to impose penalties against those who file frivolous lawsuits (Anderson, 1997). As a result, baseless, senseless lawsuits devoid of merit or facts are filed by the thousands throughout the U.S. and why not, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. A person could file suits until they won one, that’s all it takes to make a fortune. Of course some innocent individual or business could be financially ruined but evidently, there are plenty of people who are very willing to profit from another’s misery if not their negligence. “This is legalized extortion. It is a lawsuit lottery” (Smith, 2004). Frivolous lawsuits are ridiculous and have led to ridiculous and unnecessary warning labels that companies have been forced to& on their products such as “Remove child before folding” on a baby stroller, “Beware: sled may develop a high speed under certain snow conditions” on a snow sled, “Do not allow children to play in the dishwasher” and “Never iron clothes while they are being worn”.&nbsp.

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