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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: T0 what extent are law graduate denied access to the legal profession.This implies that the students who somehow decide to adopt law as a profession have to face the acute financial crises (BAG, 2005). Complains received from these types of students shows that they are over stressed and lost the charm in their lives, because after working hard and sacrificing their time, they cannot even earn enough to pay their dues on time. Besides the dues problem, another important factor that influences the mindset of law students, is rareness of pupillage for the solicitors, they think if they cannot earn enough as a solicitor then who they can? And if they cannot, then what is the need to destroy their time and money.Inequalities that are present in the education system made worse by the law professionals along with the funding system introduced. Most of the cases decisions taken by the law profession are not satisfying the condition of equality and as a result the student who deserves is empty handed. In addition to this a trend is set that the student who comes from the private school becomes a barrister and the student from state school becomes a solicitor. Private school students think to be more worthy of getting the scholarships, whereas if the actual figures are considered then 57% of students belongs to private school said that they are fully supported by their families and 34% are dependent on the loans. While in case of state school students 66% students are dependent on the loans and remained supported by their families. But still the ratio of awarding scholarships is more to the private school students as compare to the state school students, despite the fact that they deserve (BAG, 2005).Competition is present betwixt all the professionals in their respective fields. The law professionals irrespective that they are barristers or solicitors they have to compete with each other in their professional careers. Now when they pay huge dues then they feel unsatisfactory not just because of the huge expenses and rivalry, but

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