Lack of parking in arizona state university campus

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Create a 6 page paper that discusses lack of parking in arizona state university campus. Students park outside the university premises in order to reduce the problem of congestion and high parking fee. They park at a distance of 15 minutes to 1hourÂ’s walk to campus. Some of the students are now forced not to come with their vehicles to school. I propose ASU to reduce the cost of campus parking and provide additional parking. Different plans have been laid down to solve the fee payment of the vehicle. Generally, the students of ASU should not be involved in paying the parking fee. The university authority has also tried to solve the problem through instituting fines on those who fail to pay the parking fee, putting up more buildings and shades for parking.I think that there is no need for raising fee payment for parking to the students of the ASU since the university should cater to their issues. Parking the vehicles outside the campus compound are not safe for parking since it is risky (Todd Web). I, therefore, wish that the institution should reduce payment fees to the students than to the visitors. However, there is no need for the campus students to pay for the parking fee since they are entitled to use the campus resources simply because they pay the fee.ASU entered into a contract with a private developer to begin constructing a hotel and a conference center on Mill Avenue and University Drive (Arizona State University Web). This was done in order to create more space for studentsÂ’ recreation and parking. Parking and Transit Services was established to curb the complex parking situation at the campus. The regulations are published and made law in all the premises of ASU for easy utilization of the parking spaces (Yara Web). The university authority assigned the duty of providing parking areas on the campus, imposing fines and collection of parking fees, and issuance of the license to the director of Parking and Transit Services (Yara Web).Towing away vehicles that broke the rules and regulations established was one of the rules enforced.

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