Knowledge Management in Accenture

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Compose a 3000 words essay on Knowledge Management in Accenture 1992.

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In the case of Accenture, the various issues related to the daily organizational activity have to be analyzed in order to identify the facts that have caused delays to the firm’s development in the long term. For this reason, the identification of the firm’s key managerial practices is necessary in order to understand the structure and the ethics of the firm’s administration and design the appropriate plans for the development of organizational performance. In order to identify the problems related with a firm’s performance within the international market, it is necessary primarily to describe the organizational environment referring to the key achievements of the firm both in its market and internationally. Accenture is a leading firm in the management consultancy and IT sector with approximately 75,000 employees worldwide. In August 2001 the firm ‘entered’ the New York Stock Exchange.

The firm’s knowledge management (KM) department has just a few top executives and follows its own strategic plans. The structure of the operational activities has been proved quite important for the development of the firm up to now. Through the years, the firm’s structure has been reviewed and updated in order to meet the requirements of the market and the demands of customers around the world. For the future, it is necessary the Accenture will review its organizational practices and proceed to any requested change in order to meet the challenges set by its competitors within the international market. The current paper focuses on the strategic performance of Accenture (or ACN as it is known within the New York Stock Exchange) from 1992 up to 2001. The firm’s organizational structure for the above period will be examined and analyzed. appropriate recommendations will be then suggested trying to present a framework that could lead to the improvement of the firm’s performance for the above mentioned period.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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