Journal on Jared Diamonds

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Write a 4 page essay on In your journal discuss whether and why you agree or disagree with Jared Diamonds assertion about agriculture.

I agree with Atkins that Science is not discriminatory. Science has no boundaries in terms of culture, religion, continent, or race. As Atkins argues, I believe that Science is trans-national, trans-racial, and trans-cultural. The interests between individuals in lines of race, culture, or religion do not influence science. hence, I can convincingly argue that it is consistent. In addition, Science is open to modifications.

This creates room for young scientists to become famous. However, fame does not promote customized research. I believe that in the thirst to become famous, young scientists conduct rational experiments to test a phenomenon and come up with an objective study. hence, the modification of science. In the exchange, I believe that Pinker is justified to argue that for a scientific mindset, it is prudent to have an empirical verification for each empirical proposition. On the other hand, Wieseltier roots for a two-state solution. According to my understanding, I believe that Wieseltier has the best argument. In the contemporary world, I think it would be prudent to assert that science and humanities are complements rather than substitutes. As such, I believe that both a scientific and humanistic mindset is required. hence, promoting the two-state solution.

I believe that Wieseltier does not discriminate sciences as much as pinker discriminates humanities. In an attempt to promote the two-state solution, I believe that Wieseltier is against the belief of scientism. It is also prudent to agree with him that scientific analysis may not be applicable in the entire physical world. In this case, I think the exchange lies on the fact that how much can science explain. Pinker attempts to promote science as the sole verification for empirical propositions. I believe that Wieseltier is not for humanity as the sole verification but counters the thought.

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