Jill swimming pool

Jill has a swimming pool in her backyard. It is  shaped like a rectangle and measures approximately 16.3 feet wide and 26.2 feet long. It is an average of 5 feet deep. During a few hot weeks during the summer,some water evaporates from the  pool, and Jill needs to add 8 inches of water to the depth of the pool, using her garden hose. Although her water pressure varies, the  water flows through Jill’s garden hose at an average rate of 10 gallons/minute.1 Convert the dimensions of the pool to meters. Round all meter measurements to one decimal place (nearest tenth of a meter).2. How many liters will Jill need to add to her pool to return the water level to its original depth? How many gallons of water is this? Reminder: Volume =Lenth x Width x Depth3.How long will Jill need to run the hose? ( Express your answer in hours and minutes)mathematical conversions  need to be clearly demonstrated..  Please help me. I don’t have a clue..

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