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With the advancement in IT and increased competitiveness within the business environment, higher demand for IT services and products within the UK market is evident. It is in this regard that Aspen Communications requires expanding its business activities within the UK IT market so that it could fulfill its strategic objectives and goals for international expansion and growth. Segmentation of the UK market is considered the most appropriate marketing strategy that Aspen communication would employ in its endeavors for business expansion. However, the management within the company requires understanding that the identification of market segments and segmenting the company is achieved through the consideration of various factors.

This paper presents a case Study of Aspen Communication in its international expansion of IT business in the UK market. The paper aims at presenting the evidence-based analysis of the factors which must be considered by the company in identifying the market segments and segmenting its market within the UK. The paper also aims at presenting the benefits that the company will achieve through the application of a segmentation approach in marketing its products and services in this market. The purpose of the case study, therefore, is to allow the company to achieve success in the UK market and profitability through the use of the appropriate approach in selecting its market segments and justifying this approach by describing the gains that the company will achieve through segmentation. Aspen Communication is a US company which provides IT solutions by providing its customers with a wide range of products and services in information technology. The company is based in Arizona and global growth expansion is one of its major business strategies.

The company intends to expand its business within the UK as a way of meeting its strategic goals and objectives. The need for growth within the UK is motivated by the identification of new market segments and the growth of the range of the company’s IT products and services. In addition, market research conducted by Aspen communications within the UK market illustrates that there is an increased demand for IT products and services. This is related to the competitive business environment in the UK and the need to increase productivity through IT-mediated management within companies and organizations (News Wire, 2009, p.1). Aspen Communications aims at promoting management of human resource within companies which comprise of its market.

The company achieves this by providing its client companies and organization technology-based communication solutions. This includes the design, installation and implementation of various technologies and infrastructure within client companies. The services provided by Aspen Communications include IT consultancy and telephony services. In addition, the company offers Networking services and products. Distribution of wireless networks and services and information security solutions also comprise of the company’s IT services and products.

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