Introduction to Woman’s and gender studies

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Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Introduction to Woman’s and gender studies.Though it expounds broadly on the contributions of women towards the awarding of the right to vote to women, the documentary “One Woman, One Vote” does not expound on how men assisted women in juggling their right to vote demand. However, the narrative “the women’s suffrage movement” in Angela Davis’ book, “Women, Race and Class” provides detailed information on the contribution of men towards the success of women groups (Davis, 2011).Unity was one of the fundamental elements that lacked in the suffrage movement. Throughout the movement ensured that different groups of suffragettes worked against each other. For instance, one group of women fought for federal amendment whereas another one thought of working state by state. The variation in workability was as a result of the existence of variation in the group members. For instance, some groups consisted mainly of middle and upper class women whereas others constituted of only working class women. Unfortunately, this segregation in groupings only benefited the whites who did not want the black men to be liberated from slavery. According to the majority of the women, white women were supposed to vote because of their race. However, the formed groups also advantaged those who were not only educated, but also with monetary funds. Fortunately, all groups worked towards attaining the same goal. ensuring the movement succeeded despite their differences.The different demands of the women contributed significantly towards the success of the movement. For example the desire of the black women to get rid of the oppression they were going through made them participate effectively in their group towards ensuring that they had a chance of participating in voting. Additionally, black women wanted to take part in the voting exercise so that they can protect their bodies as well as lives from the

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