Introduction to Human Resource Department

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Write an assignment on Introduction to Human Resource Department. Write a 2500 word paper answering; The term paper “Introduction to Human Resource Department” primarily highlights the unionization issues of Chevron Corporation. It will shed light on the strategy adopted by the company in order to cope up with the issue of unionization and offer some suggestions to the company by which it can effectively curb the unionization. Historically the concept of unionization was well acknowledged by several eminent scholars around the globe. However, only a few marked it as an illegal practice. The concept of unionization within the organization was developed in the early 18th century. However, with the passage of time, the system became prominent in different parts of the world. Unionization is a process of forming groups among the workers of an organization. A union is therefore defined as a group of employees who strive to improve the working condition of the employees. Such groups are generally made up of professionals, trainees, students and unemployed persons. Union relies on the fact that joint efforts are better than individual efforts and also helps in achieving the goals more flexible. The principal aims of unions are generally demands for higher pay packages, more leaves, increase the number of employees for a particular job, to improve the condition of working, demand for additional facilities, rules and regulations pertaining to hiring and firing, promotion of workers, procedures for lodging complaints, safety within the workplace and about the different policies of the organization.

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