Interventions of ecommerce

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Submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Reserch proposal.nt interventions of ecommerce over the traditional modes of business has further enhanced credibility of businesses and opened further ways into the international market. Moreover, it has opened windows for the organization to serve to the world class clients and develop their international client base (Ahmed & Ibrahim, 2011). In this context, the paper elaborates on the development that has been incorporated by Tesco Plc in order to attain the desired degree of competitive advantages, with the advent of aggressive e-commerce trends, introduced into the global market.The introduction of ecommerce has inflicted challenges among the different modes of businesses. Contextually, Maniam & et. al. (2012) states ecommerce to have introduced a new phenomenon that involves the reduction of capital investment and in turn, developed abilities of the businesses to provide services to the international clients. Eid (2011) accordingly states that the explosion of technology and the incorporation of the virtual market have enhanced the need of ecommerce into the market. In agreement, Teece (2010) commented on the long-range business planning that ecommerce has been providing to the businesses. The traditional balance of global economy has changed and has created a separate balance between the traditional relationship of the suppliers and the consumers (Maniam & et. al., 2012. Teece, 2010). According to Hasan & Harris (2009), the different modes of incorporating of technology have in turn influenced the development of the market and have further, triggered changes within the economy. Creation of value has been a sole requirement of the present generation (Hasan & Harris, 2009). Murphy & Narkiewicz (2010), with the inclination of technology and different value creation will be possible and would enhance ability of the market to provide quality services. It is in this context that Ndyali (2013) stated about different steps that are taken by the ecommerce business, which have in

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