Internet Advertising

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Compose a 1000 words essay on Internet Advertising. He was accused of violating state and federal laws. Even though in the latest settlement, Mr. Richter has denied the allegations, he has agreed to follow the following federal and state laws by pledging not to send spam to anyone and allowed his business to be monitored for the next 3 years. Microsoft is investing 6 million dollars in this venture and on anti-spamming efforts in this regard.The case highlights how big a menace to the society, to the digital world the spam can be. Spam is a menace on the web. It is a moral, social and an ethical wrong. If it falls into the hands of the young generation, then it can spoil them to the point of manipulating their young minds. They can get involved in wrong activities, be exploited and even go haywire from the direction that their elders have set them for. Sometimes they may seek refuge in all the wrong activities propagated by porn. Thus Spam is a big no. (Internet Advertising shoots past estimates, 2006)Excessive marketing serves to manipulate the minds of an individual. It brainwashes them so much so that they are tempted to act accordingly. Internet marketing has both its cons and pros. Internet marketing which is also called web marketing, online marketing, and online marketing is essentially marketing of products and service on the Internet. With the rapid evolution of the Internet, marketing took on over an all new level. On the plus side, Internet Marketing not just became cheaper online but it paved way for newer more innovative business prospects in the online world. Today information is distributed across to the global audience at it incredibly low prices and sometimes even free of cost.&nbsp.

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