International relations theories and peacekeeping

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Write a 15 pages paper on international relations theories and international peacekeeping. It is important to find its real meaning so that discussing measures that bring about peace is made easy. Peace can be defined as the practical elimination of explicit violence and the development of order to a self-sustaining peace level. Anatol Anatol Rapoport chose to conceptualize peace in terms of strength, power balance, through the rule of law, revolutionary pacifism and collective security (Michael P 2014. Pp 39-58).Hedley Bull defined peace as the absence of violence in an international community even as it is clear that it as through war that individual states found their sovereignty and survival (Oldrich B. 2007 pp. 407-436). The three orthodox theories of the international relations discipline have been taken to give determinist grand. (i) Realism offers an elite and downbeat concord based on inherency point of view. (ii) Liberalism offers a comprehensive or one-size-?ts-all continuous framework for a better life through the elite leadership. Finally, (ii) structuralism provides grassroots liberation from the elite class structures of the international political-financial system via radical politics. The Orthodox international relations theory makes some fundamental assumptions about the issues across its range of views through its problem-solving line of attack (Michael P 2014. Pp 39-58).The human nature essentialist is a common phenomenon. The extension of the state performance from a failed perspective of human nature as being violent makes the assumption that one is the reflection of the other (Oldrich B. 2007 pp 407-436). Further, it assumes that the state is the peg around which power and authority, resources and interest coupled with society’s decisions rotate. Institutional governance controls the system that acts as a monitor all the time. In this manner, international relations are often viewed to be immutable. In other words, the forces that push it and their permanence are viewed as unstoppable.Realism and idealism, on the other hand, are responsible for future peace where individuals and states are free and never living in any fear whatsoever.

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