International Relations and Irans Nuclear Program

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Write an article on International Relations and Irans Nuclear Program. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The world community is quite skeptical of this stance taken by the regime as they see the program as a chance for the current regime to make a nuclear weapon. This situation would certainly cause a stir in the region due to the unstable relationship that Iran has with neighboring countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others (Bruno, Iran’s Nuclear Program, 2010). Iran’s nuclear program has caused a lot of hue and cries over the few years that it became common knowledge that Tehran was working on the program. Many resent the thought of Tehran having the potential of enriching nuclear material and using it either for energy purposes or for weapons as something unacceptable and dangerous. Even the Arab nations, though in the front portraying a show of support, are in the background somewhat skeptical of the program. In a meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council in November of 2005 the leaders of several Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, made a statement inviting the world nations to prevent he program taking off. The Secretary-General in a statement claimed that the program had no justification for it and it was for the better that the Middle East be a weapons-free zone with regards to weapons of mass destruction (KHAITOUS, 2008). There are a number of clear cut reasons why there needs to be concern over Iran’s nuclear program over that of France and Great Britain. Those two nations have their nuclear program off the ground and have managed to secure their facilities, as best as one can in this current global situation. Iran’s nuclear facilities are still in the preliminary stages with respect to the other nuclear programs operating in the world. A major concern is the Muslim extremists in the nation who are a threat to world security. There are serious doubts as to how safe the nuclear material will be in Iran and whether Muslim extremists can get their hands on the material and use it for the purpose of terrorism. Considering the wars that have been waged in Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of fighting it against terrorism it would certainly be seen as a step backward if the nuclear material was to get in the hand of a terrorist.

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