International Contribution on Climate change

Write an argumentative essay on Recent International Contribution on Climate change.

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Global warming has lead to significant climate change around the world due to the unchecked human activities and the consequences of the global warming can be observed in very many ways. there is glacial melting in the world highest known mountains. The glacial melting is caused by the rise in the global temperature to the extent that the bonds holding the water molecules in a solid state are weakened allowing the ice to flow down the slope. Sporadic weather and climatic have also characterized the global climatic change leading o varied agricultural yields as well as extinction of indigenous flora and fauna. Global warming thus is perceived by the environmental experts to worsen in the future if the necessary mitigation measures are not taken in the most opportune time possible.

The effect of the global warming in climate change has attracted the attention of the international bodies and several conventions have been held to find a lasting solution in ending human activities that accelerates global warming. In the conventions, some of the factors that have been singled as the major contributors of the global warming include, industrial emissions in the industrialized countries coupled with wanton clearing of the natural forests in the developing countries. All these activities contribute to the accumulation of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, a recipe for global warming.

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