Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Write an essay on Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy.

The essay is to be 18 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This paper will focus on developing an integrated marketing communication strategy for Selfridges, a departmental store located in London, United Kingdom. The objectives of the marketing strategy will include: increasing awareness of the products and brand visibility, increasing company sales, and customer base, enlarging the marketing channels and integrating the marketing content to convey a similar message that focuses on product quality and excellent customer shopping experience ad service. These objectives will be achieved by launching a comprehensive marketing campaign that will focus on several marketing channels.

These channels include offline, online, mobile and social media marketing strategies. The department store is also called Selfridge & Co. It is a chain of high-end departmental stores that was founded by Gordon Harry Selfridge. The basis of the store’s success is the innovative marketing strategies that have been used over time. For example, at the initial stages, Gordon used creativity to making shopping adventurous by putting merchandise on display so that customers would be attracted to the departmental stores. He put highly profitable items at the front end so that customers could easily see them. He made policies that made it easy and safe for customers to shop. These techniques have been developed by other departmental stores worldwide. The stores have a slogan that says that the customer is always right. The company has successfully launched profitable advertising campaigns based on this slogan. Following their good customer focus and creative marketing strategy, the stores are very popular and register high profits year after year.

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