Information systems

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic understanding information systems. According to the assessment of Rocha et al. (2013), today’s businesses are often scrutinized for reserving substantial financial means in order to launch and execute information systems (IS) within the company and this action also seeks justification with regard to the modern organizational environment. With regard to this concern which places companies in a critical position for committing large amounts for the establishment of business information systems, a fundamental element in this case can be highlighted as the concept of globalization and associated components within the market that have put organizations in a highly competitive business scenario which essentially leads companies to deliver effective results and also accomplish tasks to the best of their capabilities. Moreover, information systems have also aided what can be termed as the transformation of businesses by working in collaboration with the increasing popularity of information and communication technologies (ICT) on a worldwide scale. The association between globalization and information systems (IS) can also be determined by understanding how market competitiveness has ordered technology and innovation to appear at the forefront of business management due to the influx of opportunities, threats, and challenges that emerge as a consequence of changing market trends, most of which have been prompted by globalization. The premise of current modifications in business settings is led by the notion of ongoing and widespread innovation which has prompted companies to acknowledge that they cannot effectively manage their operations unless they integrate information systems (IS) as a wider part of their operations. This factor highlights that the rise in the need and popularity of information and communication technologies (ICT) has been invited by the factor of globalization and has played a critical role in the evolution of how business operations are conducted and managed on an extensive scale.

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