Information Systems Infrastructure

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1. Information Systems Infrastructure: Evolution and TrendsAn organization need secure, robust, agile, integrated and mature communication and information system infrastructure. A communication and information systems are nothing but a set of functions within a confined environment that is used to transfer, store, retrieve and or process information. They are composed of numerous systems. Legacy and new systems coexist to retrieve, store, transfer or process information. A Communication and Information System Infrastructure model is a model consisting of variables that has access to information.Today’s communication and information system infrastructure has changed the way of handling information. Almost everyone can transfer, retrieve, store and process information within an organizational network. The only question is who requires what sort of information within the network. If information is the currency, then access is the key to it.The modern concept of Information System Infrastructure was brought into picture as a key concept of Information Utility by Masuda in 1981. He also talked about joint production, shared utilization of information and citizen participation. He was considering the broad perspective of a community or a country. Also, he was considering this for basic utilities such as electricity and transportation. A book that bore almost the same title as Masuda had similar broad perspective released 10 years earlier. Dordick and Wang’s “The Information Society: A Retrospective View (1993)” talks about providing access to users to distribute, consume and produce information.Two articles that I picked talked about the evolution of Information Systems in Higher Education and Health field. They both talked about the evolution of Information systems. Even though both were happening in two different disciplines, they can be categorized into one as Evolution of Information Systems Infrastructure. I also was flabbergasted to know that each piece of information is vital. There is nothing that should be considered useless. Information has become powerful and today’s world is driven by that source of power. Reply with 200 words in APA format for above suggestion.2. Information’s system is been designed in formal way of business tents and procedures, specialized and system structures and item advancement for the business or an authorities information’s systems.Evolution of the information system infrastructures:Information technology infrastructures landscape is constant states in changing the due for overwhelming technology that are available present. According to research, information technology infrastructure could be useful to enhance management performance and will play the critical roles in the development of the new service, innovations and products. Information technology infrastructures will leads to the better performances in achieving the success that will fulfill the needs of the customer. Flexible ITI will help in sensing the interests of the customer so will responses are provided in timely way. With the evolving of information technology infrastructures, organization management foresees trend that will includes technical and financial improvements. Based on research, functionality trends do not incorporated new features but will also optimizes and improves present features like products life cycle management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, data warehouse, point of sale etc.Trends in the information systems infrastructure:Present technical trends will include open software’s, hosts of the applications services provider; cloud computing, security infrastructure and m-commerce etc. Open software such as Python, R studio has taken over more or the traditional analytics tools such as SAS and such trends are starting in taking part in information system for the organization management . Cloud computing have become part of each day uses instead of being complicated infrastructures. The hosts of the applications services provider will be used usually by the companies through high speeds internet connection. M-commerce is more of reality than the future trends that have modified the concepts of the information system along with the modified ways of the business are done. Mobile technology have greater impacts on the ITI as this will provide channels which will allow people in accessing and communicating to internet without any boundaries.Reply with 200 words in APA format for above suggestion.

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