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Write a research paper on information system development blog. Needs to be 2 pages. In the recent past there have been tremendous technological advancements in the field of information systems. The development in information systems has moved from PC era, Web 1.0, Web 2.0 today consecutively. Currently we are using web 3.0 with the anticipation of web 4.0 by the year 2020. This paper will discuss future trends of information systems developments in regard to internet and interactive systems.InternetInternet (web 2.0) is shifting to Web 3.0. This refers to a projected semantic web which will integrate personalizations like. iGoogle, intelligent search engines and behavioral advertising with the objective of converting web into a database. Converse to the past technologies it is infrastructural based. Web 3.0 will add more value to users since the technology will be with human capabilities of accurately and precisely determining information required, translating to more relevant information.There will be a changeover towards metacomputing. This is expected to be brought up by the envisioned web 4.0 (2020) through Webos and internet operating software applications. These applications will enhance distributive search and use of intelligent personal agents. In addition it will lead to efficient utilization of computers connected by a network (Prabhu.8)The experience of surfing over the internet will be more efficient and effective. This will be attributable to the development of natural user interface (NUI). These will increase internet users satisfaction efficiently. Moreover, advancement of Smartphone which have more functionality in regard to internet will enhance mobile computing. Interactive SystemsIt is highly likely that the next wave in computer interfaces will be envisioned in the speech technology. This will involve a process whereby the computer will have the capacity to transform sound speech to text. Moreover, when the speech-output technology whereby this will invigorate the blogging arena whereby, blog users will not be typing in response rather they will be talk blogging. Furthermore, photo-sharing sites and social sites will incorporate speech technology and video chats (Chen 324).Interactive systems have enhanced online markets. Through interactive systems, business people have had a chance to advertise their products and services where customers get a chance to view them and organize a purchase. In future there is a possibility that physical markets will be eliminated and e-bay (online markets) will be the talk of the day. People will no longer have to visit show rooms or avail themselves to service providers, all they have to do is visit an online site that contain what they need and just order it. Apart from enhancing business and widening market, interactive system will also lead to higher integration of business tasks and transactions. Video conferencing and webcams, organizations requiring employees will no longer need job seekers to visit their premises for interviews. This is because it will be possible to conduct them online. At the same note, those offered the job opportunity will be trained through e-learning. And finally most workers will not have to report to job site as they will be telecommuting. For instance, chief engineers will have a chance to give instructions through web cams and business meetings will be carried out through video conferencing (Canzer. 2005). It is imperative for both individuals and firms to keep themselves updated with the current trends in information systems. This will ensure they will continually be cost effective, networked, decentralized and open.Work CitedCanzer B. 2005 E-business. :Boston: New Delhi :Cengage Learning. Chen 2006 &nbsp.F.Designing human interface in speech technology. &nbsp.Berlin&nbsp.:Springer, Prabhu. .2008. Grid Cluster Computing. New Delhi :PHI Learning.

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