Increased demand

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Due to increased demand for? products, your privately held manufacturing company recently grew from 26? full-time employees to more than 190. The organizational structure was fairly hierarchical and? tall, with most employees hired by you and reporting directly to you. Growth has forced you to flatten the? organization, promoting people from within to supervisory? positions, but you are still the only person in a management position. Which of the following? upper-level positions would be the BEST choice to add first in this? situation?A.A structural engineerB.A diversity managerC.A human resource managerD.A dynamic leaderE.An advertising managerYou have recently been hired by a consulting firm that is 90 percent Caucasian male. As a new member of upper? management, you have been asked to assist the human resources department in deciding upon a strategic initiative that fits with the? company’s overall goal of gaining a competitive advantage. Which of the following ideas would be the BEST? strategy?A.Hire more temporary workersB.Diversity trainingC.Implement performance appraisalsD.OutsourcingE.Homogenizing the workforce

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