Increase in Demand

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Freddie and Jason have just opened the Texas Toothpick, a chain-saw sharpening and repair service located on Elm Street. The Texas Toothpick promises same-week repair service. Freddie and Jason are concerned that a projected dramatic increase in demand as the end of October nears will cause service to deteriorate. Freddie and Jason have had difficulty attracting employees, so they are the only workers available to complete the work.

Safety considerations require that they each work no more than 40 hours per week. The first chain-saw sharpening and repair required 7 hours of work, and an 80 percent learning curve is anticipated. Cumulative Units 8273764

a. How many total hours are required to complete 64chain saws?

b. How many hours of work are required for the week ending on Friday the 13th?

c. Will Freddie and Jason be able to keep their same week service promise during their busiest week just before

Halloween?Units124816321 Cumulative units Time Time needed17735.611.274.4817.92153.58428.672312.8672 45.875263 2.29376 73.4003264 1.835008 1.835008

Always a multiple of 2 Step 1:Step…

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