Increase and decrease on the data

23, 76, 39, 23, 15, 30, 15, 25

(a) Make a scatter diagram of the data. Then visualize the line you think best fits the data.

(b) Use a calculator to verify that ?x = 153.4, ?x2 = 3346.78, ?y = 246, ?y2 = 10330 and ?xy = 5522.9.***

Compute r. (Round to 3 decimal places.)As x increases, does the value of r imply that y should tend to increase or decrease? Explain your answer.

i.  Given our value of r, y should tend to decrease as x increases.

ii.  Given our value of r, y should tend to increase as x increases.  

  iii. Given our value of r, we can not draw any conclusions for the behavior of y as x increases.

iv.  Given our value of r, y should tend to remain constant as x increases.

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