Incident on your parents or religion

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Think of an incident in your life when you felt pressured to go against your parents or religion. tell what happened, who pressured you and why, why you confirm.Whether this is an all-powerful God, an uninvolved Creator or some sort of ‘alien’ life form I will not discuss here. Just suffice it to say that the same is some sort of a more powerful being which probably takes at least some interest in the actions of those that He has created or placed here on this Earth. The incident which I want to share with you is one that literally shook the foundations of my life. It brought a sense of going against my parents and more specifically my father. My issue was with my father who was an alcohol addict and for that reason I literally abhorred the very idea that I was his child. He has realized that he could have let go on this bad habit of his. Yet somehow or the other he found himself stuck in a quagmire of which he cannot find any solace. Alcohol addition has completely ruined his life and it has left him in shambles in front of one and all. The extent of his involvement was so immense that he did not have any knowledge of what was happening around him. He had some responsibilities to fulfill, some loving people surrounding him who had expectations from him but all this just went out of the window when he got himself into this bad habit. I was taken aback in the whole situation since everything was going against me and this sounded as a pretty pathetic circumstance for me, so to speak. This situation made me feel pressurized too much, so much so that I started losing concentration on many things that I used to do. I did not have my mind and energies towards different projects and activities that I did.The incident completely broke me from inside and the worst part of it was that I was not ready for all this. My pressure came from the different relationships in which I was tied. I had to take care of my father as well as my mother and siblings who were equally troubled by my father’s distress.

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