Importance of children to have a game life

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Create a thesis and an outline on

Is It Important for Children to Have a Game Life.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As per Shames’ reading on The More Factor, the American mind is filled with the economy and ways to make it even better, as well as a life full of speculation on what they feel should be happening around. Unfortunately for Americans, there has always been this desire to have more and more and this has always served as a motivating factor to them. something that makes the other nations regard them as superior. Having our children, therefore, believe that material things and hard work to have even more is what life is all about. it can really impact negatively on their morals as well as the way they relate with other people. From Shame’s reading, it is clear that he makes a connection between the frontier ideas of Americans and what we really know about them.

This is because of his understanding of how they regard the economy so highly, that it actually is the only thing they think about. Shames states for example: “Economics has become our main focus on which we pin our hopes of open space and second chances”. According to my understanding, Shames is trying to show us how Americans have really devoted their minds on the economy and everything else is to follow, and what they can think of is a success and being able to come up with new opportunities for them to keep growing their wealth to their desired direction. All these people want is more and more, and will do anything to make sure that their success does not reach an end. being that their minds have been flooded with the idea that their state is full of fertility that can never end.

America has been regarded as a state that has overflowing opportunities, and their attitude is what keeps them growing. as they always have opportunity, growth, and expanse in their minds before being set to do a thing. If one develops the same attitude that they are the best and no one else, they will automatically be ahead of everybody in everything they lay their hands on. It is the thought of other continents and people&nbsp. about them that creates in their mind the fact that they are full of riches and live a luxurious life, therefore.&nbsp.

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