Imperialism on European

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Imperialisma. European imperial successb. Reasons for American imperialismc. American Imperial Acquisitionsi. Alaska ii. Hawaiid. American imperialist presidentsi. Theodore Rooseveltii. William McKinleye. Spanish-American War and consequencesi. Cause of warii. Teller Amendmentiii. Platt Amendmentf. American-Filipino Warg. Panama CanalII. The Great Wara. Causes of Warb. American Neutralityc. American Involvementd. Russian and Bolshevik Revolutionsi. Vladimir Lenine. American Homefronti. Propaganda campaignii. Selective Service Actiii. Espionage Activ. Sedition Actf. Wilson’s idealismi. Fourteen Pointsg. Treaty of Versailles and consequencesIII. 1920s United Statesa. American consumer cultureb. Older, conservative values vs. New, liberal valuesi. flappersc. Herbert Hooverd. Stock market crashIV. The Great Depressiona. Causesb. Effectsc. Hoover’s responsed. FDR and 1932 presidential electione. FDR’s first New Deal and his first 100 daysf. FDR’s second New DealV. World War IIa. Causesb. U.S. response to war in Europei. Cash and carryii. Lend-lease programc. Pearl Harbord. U.S. Homefronti. Effects of the war in the U.S.e. Warfare in Europe i. D-Dayii. Battle of Stalingrad f. Allied wartime conferencesi. Yaltaii. Potsdamiii. San Francisco1. United Nationsg. War in the Pacifici. Island hoppingh. Manhattan Projecti. Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and NagasakiVI. Primary Sources:a. The Boy Scouts Support the War Effortb. British War Poetryc. The White Man’s Burdend. Letters from the Great Migratione. Decision on the Philippinesf. Treatment of German-Americansg. Debating Immigration Restrictionh. Motion Picture Diariesi. Petting and Neckingj. The Automobile comes to Middletownk. Meridel Le Sueur, Women on the Breadlinesl. Mrs. Henry Weddington, Letter to President Rooseveltm. Carey McWilliams, Okies in Californian. Albert Einstein, Letter to President Roosevelto. Harry S. Truman, Statement on the Atomic BombPlease explain me all of these events

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