Impact of english in the arab world

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Impact of english in the arab world.Basically, there exists a unanimous understanding among individuals that the use of English in communication helps in enhancing social status in different countries. As a result, the governments have made efforts in improving English in the countries through different means such as adopting strict state control of the educational systems (Ramaswami, Sarraf & Haydon 71).Concerning education in the Arab countries, English has been made a primary language in the education systems. The reason for making the English language is because of the feeling that English enhances career prospects the individuals speaking other languages may not have their scholarly works published throughout the world. Besides, English might attract the interest of other highly esteemed western countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom (Ramaswami, Sarraf & Haydon 86). Through English language, the Arab world has been able to share the educational resources with the rest of the world. This in turn has enabled the Arabic speakers into enjoying the utilization of researched materials of different versions and enhancing the ease in their education. The education in the Arab world has also been able to formalize through the English language to a significant degree for instance, allowing individuals for utilization of the internet and other digital media mainly programmed in English. Individuals of different ages have shown interest in studying the English language due to the rising needs worldwide. Moreover, several institutions have been established to offer education on the English language such as the AMIDEAST.English language has attributed to improved exposure of the traditional media that principally use English language as the medium. For instance, there is higher exposure of television in urban regions hence. the people are exposed to more English in such

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