Illegal immigrants unlimited access to care

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Write an essay on Should illegal immigrants unlimited access to care and who should be responsible such care. It needs to be at least 500 words.Worth noting is the fact that many Americans have access to health care services because of the existing insurance plans. The United States healthcare sector has had to deal with increasing costs of providing health care (Yoshikawa, 2011). Therefore, taxpayers have the conviction that illegal immigrants should not be allowed free access to healthcare in the United States. On the other hand, other people argue that illegal immigrants make a significant contribution to the American economy a factor that entitled them to enjoying some of the benefits such as healthcare services. This paper will highlight the views of Americans regarding this issue.With the increasing numbers of the undocumented number of illegal immigrants into the United States, there has been an increasing pressure on the provision of health care services to such individuals. Many health care institutions have faced the compulsion of providing illegal immigrants with emergency health care services. Worth noting is the fact that emergency health care services seek to save lives and their provision should not depend on whether an individual is legally or illegally in the United States. The Federal Government has set aside a special Medicaid fund whose purpose is to subsidize emergency health care services for illegal immigrants (Newman, 2007). However, the fund can only cater for emergency services and does not provide preventive health care.Some Americans argue that illegal immigrants are getting more than they deserve. However, Americans should recognize that the illegal immigrants contribute to both the micro and macro economics of the United States. With such contributions, they deserve to have access to basic services such as health care and housing. Some schools of thought argue that denying illegal immigrants access to health care services is both impractical and unethical. All individuals living in the

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