Humanitarian intervention and International law

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Write an essay on Humanitarian intervention and International law. It needs to be at least 1500 words.humanitarian intervention because while forming the international law, it could not foresee every situation and intervention on humanitarian grounds has become imperative owing to evil regimes and dictatorships around the world, especially in African countries.If accepted, another haunting question arises: is it possible for the institution of humanitarian intervention to justify unauthorised actions? Should powerful States take it upon themselves and judge the situation and take individualistic actions against the erring state? Where will be the end to it? This is a highly intriguing and frustrating situation, especially when genocide is going on, like that of Rwanda’s. But it is difficult to justify the war over Iraq, even though United Kingdom and United States tried hard to wrap it up in various colour package, saying that it was imperative because of human rights violation, dictatorship, establishing democracy, better the lives of Iraqis etc. and this theory has found no takers.The genocide that happened in Rwanda will go down in history as one of the worst of its kind and the question still remains as to how the international community can stop this horrendous killing from continuing further or happening somewhere else. The United Nations and its Security Council has a ‘responsibility to protect’ the innocent people all around the world, irrespective of their nationality, race and creed. Some international law makers argue that Security Council should be given more power to intervene. but if given, could that power be mismanaged and misused by the powerful few? These questions had been haunting the world leaders for a long time now. How to empower a humanitarian intervention under impossibly difficult situations? Is it possible for the world body to handle such a situation, without getting influenced by super powers?Sovereignty of the country should not be violated by another country, even though it has violated human rights, according to rights

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