Human resources policies

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Write an article on human resources policies Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The enactment of the program by the council is an initiative meant to offer an incentive for the purpose of ensuring that the productivity of workers and the staff members are at its best. This measure is also meant to increase the profitability of an organization through its dedicated staff (Price and Novak, p.123). Similarly, the role of incentive programs helps to improve the operation of the city council in a constructive way. This only happens through exceptional bonuses, Suggestion systems, and profit-sharing among others. A conclusion that draws in the fire department indicates that the success of an incentive program enables fire officers to respond extremely quickly and in a direct approach to the scenes of incident. Similarly, there is a possibility of other benefits arising to employees of a fire department who possess the necessary qualification programs. This includes a pension program that is of hefty nature and coverage. A professionally qualified officer may be provided with an identification badge as a form of promotion. This becomes part of an accomplishment and thus, a form of motivation. Determination of filling positions in reference to a degree holder must take in to account various perspectives. This is what is used to value the needs of one to be promoted to the next position. It is essential to identify those members who develop an interest in interview to fill a position. Tasks vary depending on the number of departments at every organization. It is noteworthy that the organization identifies the need for any promotion in terms of performance improvement. The importance of this technique is necessary since a variety of performance appraisal measures exists for one reason than for the other.

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