Human resource management

Write an argumentative essay on HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN BUSINESS CONTEXT. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.It shows that the entire process starts from the time the employee is recruited, though it is a long procedure and the organization tries to be as fair as they can in selecting employees, but there is no guarantee that the employee would keep the job, so from this view the redundancy threat starts taking place in the mind of the employee, only a strong bond with the organization can keep this fear out of employee’s mind.The human resource department in any organization of this world has gained most importance in the modern era, it is because of the fact that what ever an organization achieves, it achieves on behalf of human resources, today human resource gains the utmost importance in every field simply because of the growing demands of the world, there is an entire process used in organization for employees, which includes all the happenings from their selection to retirement or redundancy.The employment is always related to the well being of the economy, if an economy is having job saturation and the employment cycle is not working well than it automatically makes an economy weaker and unstable, as a consequence other related factors are also affected, such as GDP/GNP, so in order to keep an economy healthy the working of the employment cycle should be proper and the various sectors running a country’s economy should keep in view those important things that can disturb the economy of that country.The entire unemployment process starts from the point when the disturbance is caused in the society, which in the case of Europe was the beginning of the nineteenth century when the industrial sector gained popularity and concepts of trading started getting prominent, in that time the employment and unemployment had taken place, the growing number of policies and rules were also causing unemployment, it had almost discouraged every person from the working class, because they had no surety of their current job, it was becoming a problem, but

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