How to choose a career

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Write a research paper on how to choose a career. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. It is the determiner of most in your life, and its utmost importance cannot be overemphasized. From your college major to the type of employment, to achieving your goals, choosing your career is paramount.When choosing a career, most people only think about the money aspect and forget about other aspects that need to be considered. Some pick a career because of their family persuasions and pressure whereas, others due to reasons such as the respect and monetary value associated with it. Career is long term, and your interest and passion towards it are very important. Countless times, you have witnessed categories of people hopping from one job to the other, whereas others who are already in the working sector not happy or motivated in their job. While many of you have been wondering how to make one`s way to a good career, I happen to know the secret to getting the right one. Here are the top tips on how to choose a career:Analyze yourself to determine your strengths and weaknessesSelf-analysis is one of the most important steps before embarking on any career choice. Create a list of what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses or potential weaknesses. This will be your guide. Find a peaceful place away from the persuasions and pressure, clear your head, and be true to yourself. Note everything down and think of ways of improving your strengths and ways of converting your weaknesses into strengths.&nbsp.Identify the goals that can be achieved within the shortest term and the goals which may not be able to be achieved within that time frame. Clear your path from anything that might deter you from achieving your dream and walk towards a path that will help you succeed. For example, if you want to convert your weaknesses into strengths, you may decide to get a tutor to help you in your weak subjects.&nbsp.Do a thorough search to narrow down your choices&nbsp.After noting down your strengths and weaknesses, your path to choosing the ideal choice becomes much easier. Search the internet, basing yourself on your strengths and weaknesses, talk to a professional who knows more about your choice. If need be, watch Youtube career videos to guide you on your choices or download a career guide book. These simple things will surely help you towards reaching your goals.Countercheck your chosen choice with your academic qualificationsSometimes, it happens that your choice does not match with your academic qualifications. Let’s say you want to be a doctor, but it so happens that you barely passed the required subjects needed to study medicine. The path you want might not be what you are qualified for. Go back to your list, mark the options which match your academic qualifications, or explore a different path. If you barely reached the minimum qualifications, and you still feel that there is a way out, talk to a professional who will guide you regarding the chosen options.Countercheck your choice with your skillsCertain professions need certain skills. Some people might not have academic qualifications, but they have the skills for it. For instance, you are a good painter or are good at drawing or dancing. You lack the academic qualifications but still want to pursue your dream, do not fret about getting a professional who will act as your guide and recommend you based on your skills.Check the unemployment ratesSome careers are flooding the markets with high rates of unemployment. You might want to pick a certain choice due to the temptations from the many benefits it has to offers, but first, check the statistics for unemployment to determine the path you will take. Choose an option that you will guarantee your job security. Choosing a career that you can make something out of it will help you in the long run. It isn’t easy to find a job nowadays. You need to get the right one to survive in this harsh world.Choose what ticks all your boxesAfter analyzing all the above, pick that which ticks your boxes and submit your choice. The path to picking the ideal profession sure is hard, but with these simple steps, you will be able to pick the ideal path in no time.&nbsp.

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