How this class has affected me

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Write a homework on How this class has affected me. Write a 2000 word paper answering; Moreover I was caused to accurately define my personal and professional roles in future practice. In this essay, I give a reflection of the course in light of the manner in which it has affected me. My reflection is based on a review and reference to the information within the readings of the course. In addition, I provide the justifications for the change of my professional roles and future plans based on the knowledge that I acquired during the course. Furthermore, I will give a detailed discussion on how the cause caused me to specifically decide to work with Child Protective Services. Anne Fadiman’s “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” presents a narration of the struggles that a refugee family from Hmong culture in Laos. The book specifically describes how two different cultures collide. The scenario that is presented by the writer is within California’s health care system. In the book, the writer reveals the interaction between a Hmong child with her Doctors in America and demonstrates the social cultural problems and struggles in the provision of health care. Lia Lee is a favorite child and youngest of the Hmong family. The doctors find out that Lia is having a severe form of epilepsy. The author describes how cultural differences between the family and the American doctors acts to obstruct Lia’s treatment.

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